Eckart Runge, cello & Jacques Ammon, piano




Film Chamber Music – a visual concert presented by Runge & Ammon

C. Chaplin: "Smile" (theme music of "Modern Times", 1936)

N. Rota: "Otto e Mezzo" / Eight and a Half – Suite (Federico Fellini, 1963)

E. Morricone: "Cinema Paradiso" (Guiseppe Tornatore, 1988)

Theme - Youth & Maturity – Love

D. Schostakowitsch:Andante from „Counterplan“  (Yutkewitsch / Emler 1932)

Largo from "Hamlet" (Grigori Kosintzev, 1964) with original movie clips

Romance from "The Hornet" (Alexander Faintsimmer, 1955)

G. Meliès: "Le Diable Noir" with original movie clips

(first silent film with ‚special effects’, 1905)

L. Janácek: Pohádka / Fairy Tale (1913) Sonata for cello and piano

(used in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being", Philip Kaufmann, 1988)

A. Piazzolla: Vuelvo al Sur (Fernando Solanas, 1987)


C. Gardel: "El Dia Que Me Quieras" theme music of the homonymous film (1935)

"Por una Cabeza" with original film clips and soundtrack from "Tango Bar" (1935)

used in "Scent of a Woman" and "True Lies"

A. Piazzolla: “Libertango” used in Roman Polanski’s “Frantic”, 1988

(sung by Grace Jones as with “I’ve seen that face before”) ,

“Tango Lesson”, Sally Potter, 1997 and “Tango”, Carlos Saura, 1997

A. Piazzolla: “Novitango” used in “Heinrich IV”, Marco Bellochio,1984

B. Herman:"Psycho"– Suite (Alfred Hichcock, 1960) with Stills

D. Dale: "Misirlou" after a greek Rembetico song from 1927,

soundtrack version from "Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino, 1994)



J. Gadé: Jalousie

Classic Filmtango „DonQ., Son of Zorro“ (1903), used 100 times in movies.

A. Piazzolla: “Oblivion” used in “Heinrich IV”, Marco Bellochio, 1984

D. Dale: "Misirlou" movie only


all arrangements Runge / Ammon

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